Level 3 Ballet


Required & Optional items: All items are required with the exception of the scrunchie which is optional.

Pink Tights (Ballet Rocks or Capezio) Please note we use these specific tights so that all tights match.

Sizing: We are always here to help you size so call us or come on in if you need help or would like us to size. We are happy to help you size your leotards or shoes.

Shoes: All of the ballet shoes are professional brands. They are all great, but you may prefer one slightly over the other. If you have questions please call us. 904-743-6080.

ALL ITEMS CAN BE SHIPPED OR PICKED UP. If you would like to pick up your items please call DANZAR at 904-743-6080 and we can pull your items and have them ready.

If you purchase a shoe from DANZAR online and it doesn't quite fit - please come in and we can help size you.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: We cannot always predict every size that will be needed. In the event that an item you select is not in stock we will contact you and provide an estimated time frame.