Bloch Axis Pointe Shoe S0190L. 5.5X

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The Axis is a tapered shoe that looks delicate, light, and beautiful 'en pointe'.

Size 5.5X

If you need a different size please contact us.


  • The Axis is Bloch's latest advance in cutting edge technology using unique TMT™ paste, which is heat responsive so it can be customized to individual needs providing control 'en pointe'.
  • This enables the dancer to significantly accelerate the breaking in process by molding the box to the contours of the feet from the very first wear.
  • The revolutionary heat activated box enables the dancer to mold the shoes to the individual contours of the feet providing superior comfort and durability.
  • The curved last closely mimics the natural contours of the foot so the shank stays in close contact with the instep. The heat responsive TMT™ shank can be modi ed so the breakpoint can be tailored to the individual needs of the dancer.
  • All pairs of shoes come with a detailed pamphlet on how to modify the Axis TMT™ with direct heat from a hairdryer. However the Axis will perform equally well without heating the paste.
  • The unique features of the Axis TMT™ offer sensitive and responsive foot articulation.
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