Bloch Axis Pointe Shoe

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The Axis is a tapered shoe that looks delicate, light, and beautiful 'en pointe'.

The Axis uses unique TMT paste, which is heat responsive so it can be customized to individual needs providing control 'en pointe'.

This enables the dancer to significantly accelerate the breaking in process by molding the box to the contours of the feet from the very first wear.

The revolutionary heat activated box enables the dancer to mold the shoes to the individual contours of the feet providing superior comfort and durability.

The curved last closely mimics the natural contours of the foot so the shank stays in close contact withthe instep. The heat responsive TMT shank can be modi ed so the breakpoint can be tailored to the individual needs of the dancer.

 The Axis will perform equally well without heating the paste.

The unique features of the Axis TMT offer sensitive and responsive foot articulation.

Ribbons and elastic sold separately.

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