Nikolay Dreampointe Allure 2007 0527/1N

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2007 is developed with consideration of anatomic features of the medium width foot with a medium arch with medium or long toes. This unique construction satisfies 90% of ballerinas. Therefore, Nikolay has the biggest part of their pointe shoe models based on the 2007 last. 2007 has a tapered dynamic form.

Dream Pointe is innovative model that gives flexibility and resilient support to the foot. The prearched shank gives extra comfort and support to the heel, especially if ballerina has high arch.

- More than 3 times longer lifespan vs. classical styles due to the state-of-art chemical-free insole materials.
- Paste-free and the use of thermoformable materials help make the insole very lightweight.
- The box made of natural materials absorbs moisture and is adjustable to any foot arch.
- The insole is assembled by hand and with care for any footwork and muscle strengthening.
- Forefront padding and pillow-like insole guarantee added comfort and coziness.

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