Nikolay Katya Pointe Shoe

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 Nikolay Grishko Katya - Beautiful tapered pointe shoe with suede tip 
- Made on the iconic 2007 last that fits 90% of foot shapes.
- Grip and Glide technology is ideal for class and stage.
- The pre-sewn suede platform increases lifespan and makes pointe shoes silent.
- Smooth  with no pleats provides a sharper en-pointe roll-through.
- Max-flat platform for balance.
- Easy roll-through to en-pointe position 
- Smooth appearance with no wrinkles or bagginess.
- Elastic paste adopts to the foot form remaining flexible throughout the lifespan of the shoe.
- Low sides and heel accentuate the dancer’s arch and add flexibility to the shoe

The Nikolay Katya Pointe Shoes feature a U-shaped medium vamp with drawstring, medium platform, and slightly tapered box. It is the best choice for rehearsals, contemporary, and demi-pointe elements, and is recommended for students of ballet academies and schools.

Katya is built on the 2007 last, which was developed with consideration of the anatomic features of a medium width foot with a medium arch with medium or long toes. This unique construction satisfies 90% of ballerinas, and most Nikolay pointe shoe models are based on the 2007 last.

Katya is designed with a combination of classic and high-end technologies that give proper support and easy roll-up. The shank (-5 mm) and the sole (-10 mm) are shorter compared to other Nikolay styles, and it gives extra flexibility in the heel in addition to perfect fit that follows the shape of the foot.


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