Nikolay Miracle Pointe Shoe 0525N

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Take the stage in Miracle - - - -This style satisfies 90% of ballerinas. Based on the  2007  last it has a tapered dynamic form.Miracle  is one of those models, which creates that elegant classy look of ballet stars.

MOST QUIET Unique construction of silent knot on the sole makes the pointe shoes silent when dance on demi-pointe.

Silver treatment of the inner fabric.

Padding in the platform and bruised soft-hand fabric allow to dance even without pointe shoe inserts.

- Treated with silver nanoparticles for antibacterial effect.
- Longer and supportive wings provide flexibility due to elastic paste.
- Perfect fit due to lower heel height vs. 3007.
- Lightweight and increased durability due to special elastic paste.
- Flat and stable medium platform, balanced by hand.
- Padding in the platform and bruised soft-hand fabric.

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