Repetto La Carlotta Pointe Shoe T255

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The Carlotta pointe shoe, inspired by Repetto's special-order pointe shoes, is the leading pointe shoe of the Maison Repetto. It’s the result of research performed in collaboration with the Technical University of Compiegne in France. Thanks to a special material inside the pointe shoe it is less noisy than other models. While meeting the requirements of professional dancers, The Carlotta, with its high vamp and reinforced wings, provides a beautiful line and comfort. A large variety of options are available to fit every dancer.

Material: Satin
Color: Melon

Please note there are 3 shanks:

Soft (S)  Medium (M)  Hard (H)

Please Note there are 4 Box Widths:

Box Width: Narrow (N)  Medium (M)  Wide (L)   Extra Wide (X) 


Example: 4MM  Size: 4   Shank: Medium (M)  Width: Medium (M)

Example: 4MS.  Size: 4.  Shank: Soft  (S) Width: Medium (M)

Example: 4XLM Size: 4   Shank: Medium (M)   Width: Extra Wide (XL)


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