Russian Pointe Andante Ballet Shoes

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Andante – Ladies Canvas Ballet Slipper

At last, a ballet slipper that fits like a glove – brilliantly form-fitting, delightfully light and ingeniously constructed. Andante features a split leather sole and a classical V-cut vamp with full toe coverage. Whisper-soft, exquisitely resilient canvas caresses the foot and conforms to the arch.

Russian Pointe’s Ribbon Arch of matching canvas draws the slipper gracefully upward as you point, hugging the arch for a superbly gap-free line. Finely woven cotton provides a lining of luxurious softness, while an insole of larger-weave cotton allows perfect “grab” as you pointe and flex. Handcrafted of natural, durable materials, Andante will keep your feet looking and feeling their best through many dance-filled hours


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